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June 2014 Archives

California to allow food stamps to people with drug convictions

Any form of criminal conviction leaves a mark on your record that can greatly affect your future prospects. You may struggle to find employment, be viewed differently by the people around you, or even be at a disadvantage in child custody disputes. One area where drug offenses have differed from other crimes though, is the matter of food stamps. Since 1996, drug felons have not been allowed to participate in the program.

California pair arrested for theft

Being found in possession of stolen property, however large or small, can have serious repercussions. Furthermore, while you are under investigation, you could face suspension from your job and damage to your reputation. Although being faced with a theft charge is distressing and exhausting, it is important to stay calm and focus on your defense. A charge is no guarantee of a conviction and many innocent people face false allegations at one time or another.

California teenager held on credit card fraud suspicion

If you have ever been charged with a federal offense, you will know all too well the effect it can have on your life. Whether or not there is any basis to the allegations you face, the process of investigation and attempting to fight the charges can be draining at best. Unfortunately, federal sentencing guidelines can often be severe, so a good defense is critical.

Drugs sent from California lead to multiple arrests

Being arrested can be a distressing experience, especially if you haven't done anything wrong. It is not always easy for officers to be certain of who is responsible for a crime and sometimes that means innocent people are taken into custody. At other times, an individual might come under suspicion because of previous misdemeanors, or their actions may be perceived to be more serious than they are. Being charged with a crime does not guarantee a conviction, however, so it is important to remain calm.

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