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October 2017 Archives

Is ecstasy the next therapy drug?

Drugs are a hot topic in today's world, as they have recently landed in the spotlight of public scrutiny. Voices on both sides of the controversy stress the importance of some controlled substances as well as the risks, but the question remains: are the penalties for drug possession too severe? In California, that question may soon arrive at an answer. Similar to the debate surrounding the legalization of marijuana, some officials are debating the benefits that ecstasy could provide for those suffering from a number of complications. 

Understanding phishing

Many California residents may have heard people talk about phishing but or alleged phishing scams but may not fully understand what exactly this refers to. At first glance, phishing emails may appear similar to spam emails but there are differences in what may be considered just junk or marketing communications and what may lead to a criminal charge.

Orange county's opioid crisis and the outlook of narcan

The southeast region of the United States is not the only area affected by the opioid crisis. Recent news shows that California has taken a particularly large hit from the drug that has spawned a nationwide epidemic since 2010. Many may wonder what constitutes as a prescription drug or heroin possession charge, and what that charge might mean for their future. While the consequences of a heroin possession offense can be severe, a new drug called Naloxone has changed the outlook for this epidemic.

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