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May 2019 Archives

Understanding tax evasion charges

Most people in California have seen or read stories about taxpayers being audited and even criminal prosecuted for supposedly trying to avoid paying federal income tax to the U.S. government. While certainly these situations can and do happen, it is important for residents to know that such situations are rare. Understanding what may be involved in a tax evasion case can be helpful in preventing unnecessary stress when it comes time to deal with taxes.

Facing charges of embezzling from your employer

You have been a loyal employee at a small California business for many years. Perhaps it is a family business, and you feel as if you are part of the family. You arrive early, stay late and take pride in your unique system of organizing the office and the company books. In fact, you prefer that no one else get involved with the finances because it may mess up your system.

Insurance fraud is an expensive problem

Anyone who has filed an insurance claim should know that it can be a complicated matter completing reams of paperwork, meeting with adjusters and fighting to defend your claim. On the other hand, sometimes you simply complete the claim form, and your check arrives in a few days. Some have discovered that this second scenario often makes it easy to commit fraud.

Does the IRS consider a mistake to be tax fraud?

When you are preparing your federal and California state taxes, you may end up making a mistake on your return. Tax codes are often complex, and it may be easy for you to violate the rules unintentionally. If the IRS finds an error on your return, it may perform an investigation to determine if you were intentionally trying to commit tax fraud or were simply negligent.

What to expect as the subject of an IRS audit

As a California resident who has recently learned that the Internal Revenue Service plans to take a closer look at your tax filings, you may be feeling stress, anxiety and any number of other emotions. Ron Cordova, Attorney-At-Law, understands how troubling it can be to learn that you are the subject of an IRS audit, and he has helped many clients facing similar situations navigate this and other complicated tax issues.

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