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September 2018 Archives

Why Prosecuting Internet Crimes Is Difficult

The internet is an amazing advancement in technology. It can allow people to connect with others halfway around the world instantaneously. People use it everyday to handle banking. Some people in California also work on the internet. It affords many opportunities that has made the world a smaller place. However, along with all the good, crime has also found its way on the internet. This means law enforcement has to figure out how to prosecute these criminals.

What were your intentions?

Most in Irvine may view criminal activity as being fairly black and white; in any supposedly quetionable instance where someone is injured or suffers a loss, someone else must be to blame. This attitude is particularly prevalent when it comes to white collar crime. Yet is the result of your actions (to which your accusers may refer to as your "scheme") enough to convict you of such activity? Fortunately, the answer to that question is no. There must also be some element of intent. 

Federal judge: US securities law covers cryptocurrency fraud

If you’ve been involved in the e-coin revolution, you know that the legal landscape has been changing quickly. Cryptocurrency which started out as an anonymous, decentralized bartering tool for geeks has become a major industry. It has led to blockchain technology, which allows for transactions so secure that major banks and even governments are considering adopting it for non-cryptocurrency purposes.

Corporate spying covers a lot of actions

Whether you call it economic, industrial or corporate espionage, these are all terms for spying that is associated with commercial competition instead of national security. These terms can describe a variety of actions by Irvine companies that skirt or cross the line from what is to what is not legal and legitimate intelligence gathering about business competitors.

To avoid federal charges, claim illegal income

If you make money from illegal activities, it is crucial that you report it on your annual income tax return. As odd as that might sound, it is true, and attorneys may advise clients to claim that income to avoid tax evasion charges. Remember, tax evasion is how the federal government finally sent 1930s Chicago mob boss and bootlegger Al Capone to prison.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

You may have heard of a financial crime called a Ponzi scheme but not know exactly what it is or how it operates. Ponzi schemes have made headlines in recent years, with Bernard Madoff being one of the most prominent figures convicted for a scheme that defrauded financially savvy people and ran up to 50 billion dollars, making it one of the largest ever in dollar terms.

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