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May 2016 Archives

Things to consider when taking a plea deal

Not everyone decides to commit a drug crime in their life, but for those who do, there are consequences to these actions. No matter what drug you may have possessed, probation, jail time and fines are all possible punishments. People can't always be sure what will happen to them if they are sent to trial after being charged with a drug crime. Because there can sometimes be uncertainty about what will happen if a case goes to trial, many people have agreed to a plea deal. Should someone be presented with this option, there are a few things they will want to consider:

  • Are you guilty of the crime you have been charged with?
  • What does your attorney believe is the best option?
  • Will you have to serve less jail time if you agree to plea bargain?
  • Can you afford the various fees associated with the trial?

An attorney can help you with your theft charges

Whenever someone is charged with a crime, they have several options for handling the situation. While many people may admit defeat and accept that they are being charged with a crime, others choose to fight the charges and deny their involvement in a crime. Depending on what has happened to you, you may decide that fighting the charge is the better option. At this point, you will want to hire an attorney, as they may be able to help you beat the charges.

How can I defend myself against domestic violence charges?

Relationships are seldom conflict-free. All couples have their problems and disagreements, but even if such issues become irreconcilable, it's always best for all involved to find civil means of resolution. Unfortunately, sometimes emotions can run high and partners can do things that are regrettable.

Suspects face multiple charges after check forging arrest

Everyone's life is filled with challenges. How we choose to face these challenges can determine the course of our lives. Sometimes a person may make mistakes which lead to still other mistakes. If these mistakes are in the service of committing illegal acts, then the consequences could be serious and far-reaching.

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