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September 2017 Archives

Man pleads guilty to white collar crimes

When people in California think about someone being criminally charged with a white collar crime, they may think about movie plots involving organized crime. They may also think about very large, even international, corporations in which financial officers are accused of a myriad of offenses. However, these charges can apply to many types of individuals, companies and situations.

5 examples of employee theft

Employee theft can take many forms, including embezzling money, directly taking products and stealing information. Understanding the different types of employee theft is important because there are many important distinctions, both when it comes to the impact it has on the business and criminal charges.

Possession of ecstasy and the legal obstacles

In recent years, marijuana has been the drug at the center of the public psyche, but ecstasy has long been known for its connection to serious legal penalties. Similar to most states, California law enforces various penalties for this popular recreational drug -- but not all of these penalties result in damaged permanent records and reputations.

Are you unknowingly committing tax fraud?

Few if any people genuinely enjoy doing their taxes, and this is likely due in part to just how complicated the process can be. Unless you make your living as an accountant, you may find yourself confused by the language, whether you fit the criteria for certain tax breaks and so on.

How accurate are field sobriety tests?

Like most California drivers, you likely know that the state can come down hard on someone accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. While few people would argue that protecting people from the danger of a truly intoxicated and negligent driver is important, it is equally important that all drivers' rights are protected. Not everyone arrested for drunk driving is actually guilty and it is good for people to know that the tests used during a DUI arrest may not always be accurate.

Ponzi schemes: the risks and the penalties

Ponzi schemes are no new occurrence in the state of California. Subsequently, the legal system does not take these types of operations lightly -- no matter how minor they may appear. One simple misstep in financial management can result in negative consequences for a lifetime, and can potentially wreck an individual's reputation and career. There are plethoras of media reports on Ponzi schemes, but knowing the details of penalties and those involved can increase future awareness on the issue.

DUI defense options for your college student

It is natural to feel distressed if you find out that your college student child has been arrested for DUI. For one thing, you may feel betrayed in that you are spending all of this money for your child to get the best education only to discover that he or she is not using time wisely.

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