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August 2018 Archives

The damage of a false accusation

Assault charges can have a serious effect on every party involved, including the alleged offender. Many Californians have had the frustrating experience of wading through such dilemmas before a fair investigation is even underway. An assault charge is generally serious, but not all cases reflect the truth. Some California residents have found themselves in the aftermath of false accusations, only to be faced with the challenge of reclaiming a reputation. 

The truth about identity theft

Most Californians spend little time considering the penalties of an identity theft charge, but for those going through the process, there are many repercussions. While identity theft is a serious issue, not all understand the laws surrounding this type of internet crime. Furthermore, these actions generally come with steep costs that can become a crippling burden over time. 

No prison time for Catholic reverend who embezzled thousands

A few hours north of Irvine, California, lies the city of Visalia. In early August, a former Catholic reverend received a fairly lax sentence for embezzlement. According to USA Today, on August 1st the court sentenced him to five years of probation with no jail time after pleading guilty to a single felony count of grand theft of personal property. The financial amount he pleaded guilty to embezzling amounted to over $200,000. 

New device may be used as pot breath test

Many people who live in California are proud of their state for once again being among the leaders when it comes to changing societal attitudes. California is one of the few states to have made legal the use of marijuana for recreational purposes. While several residents appreciate and enjoy the ability to smoke pot or consume marijuana in some other form, others are putting their efforts toward finding ways to crack down on these people.

You need adequate defense for losing it behind the wheel

People across the country know that it can be a challenge to drive in California. The state is highly populated, highways are congested most of the time and drivers can be stressed out and in a hurry. Not surprisingly, it can be easy to lose your patience in traffic. It might be something as simple as another driver cutting you off and making you miss your turn, or someone not paying attention and bumping into you at a traffic light. Suddenly, you are seeing red, and the only thing you can think about is getting back at the person who angered you.

Plea agreement pros and cons

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in California, you must now navigate the criminal justice and legal system. This can be a challenging thing especially if you have never been arrested before and do not know what to expect. In theory, every person has the right to prove their innocence and that includes the right to have a trial by a jury. However, some have put forth the notion that that right may be not fully available to some defendants.

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