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August 2017 Archives

Identity theft and the law

In today's rapidly developing technological society, internet crimes are shifting into public focus. Furthermore, identity theft has been a growing issue, especially in areas of southern California. Identity theft is a common crime in all parts of the United States, and can occur in more ways than many might assume. As of 2008, the law protects individuals in situations involving identity theft and internet-related crimes. 

Appellate court rules cellphone search warrant too broad for home

If the police have a search warrant for a small item like a cellphone, they can search anywhere in the designated area where such an item might be hidden. So, getting a warrant to search for a cellphone seems like an ideal way to get the chance to search someone's entire home.

Justice Department announces forensic evidence working group

A deputy attorney general recently announced the creation of an internal forensic science working group within the Justice Department. It's main goals will be to develop uniform standards for how forensic evidence may be described in testimony and to set up a monitoring program to ensure federal analysts comply with those standards.

3 ways you could accidentally commit credit card fraud

Committing credit card fraud may be the last thing you intend to do. While this is a term often used to describe a wide range of theft and fraud using a credit card, it usually has an association with unauthorized credit card charges. There are seemingly innocent or accidental actions you can take that can get you in financial or legal trouble.

When does petty theft become embezzlement?

So you stole a stapler from your office because you didn't have one at home and your kid needed one for a school project. Later that month you took a box of paper clips and then four highlighters and a sheaf of office paper. Maybe you took two or three sheaves over the course of a few months. 

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