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October 2018 Archives

What is money laundering?

Money laundering may be a familiar-sounding term to Californians, especially those who read newspapers or watch movies, but you may not understand how the money becomes "dirty" in the first place, what money laundering involves or the laws that are in place to prevent and prosecute it.

Key aspects of white collar charges

Due to the non-violent nature of white-collar crimes, many people are not aware of the penalties if a person is convicted of such crimes. White-collar crime are often federal offenses that impose heavy penalties.

Is tax evasion a serious crime?

Taxes affect everyone, regardless of status. Some people actively try to evade or avoid paying all the taxes they owe, and most people understand that purposely doing so is a crime. The justification that many people make is that evading "just a little" is not such a big deal, and therefore the risk is minimal. Tax evasion is a crime, however, regardless of the amount. It is important to understand the basics surrounding the crime of tax evasion to avoid getting into legal trouble.

How is stalking defined in California?

It can be difficult to pinpoint the behaviors that count as stalking in California, especially if you are accused of something you did not intend or your actions were misinterpreted. For example, if you asked a co-worker out and she refused, then you approached her later to engage in friendly conversation and she accused you of stalking her, you might be confused as to what you did wrong. It is important to understand the actions that can result in you being charged with a stalking offense.

Former mayor charges with embezzlement and more

People in California may not be surprised to hear that a politician has been charged with a financial crime but they should always remember that allegations are not convictions. Every person always has the right to defend themselves and it is during this defense process that the truth can hopefully be fully realized. This is an essential component to the legal and judicial system in the United States and connected to the belief that every person is innocent until proven otherwise.

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