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June 2018 Archives

Alien demographic information misused by ICE employee

One of the obvious byproducts of the current information age is that people are often granted easy access to a wealth of data hat is normally considered confidential information. Through one's career in Irvine, he or she might be able to view countless data elements such as names, dates or birth, addresses and social security numbers. Access to such information typically comes as a privilege of one's job, with strict instructions regarding its retrieval, use and storage. Violations of such guidelines can not only result in one losing his or her job, but also leave him or her facing criminal charges. 

Altercation between officer and woman caught on film

It is widely recognized that the law enforcement officers working in Irvine and elsewhere provide valuable services to the communities they support. Often, they are confronted with tense situations. While empowered to use their authority to help diffuse such situations, they are still expected to maintain their professional conduct at all times. In cases where they may not meet that expectation, their actions (and reactions) may justly be called into question

California attorney faces disbarment for tax evasion

Tax evasion occurs when individuals, businesses or trusts deliberately avoid or try to pay less than they owe in taxes. It most often involves the party deliberately misrepresenting the true value of assets. There are serious consequences for such action, as is demonstrated by the case of one California attorney, James Stewart Richards, based out of Simi Valley, who now faces disbarment for the offense. 

Encinitas man arrested for alleged burglary of mobile home

It may be easy for Irvine residents to fall into the trap of automatically assuming that one who has been reported to be arrested is guilty. This assumption may come from one of two beliefs: that people would not accuse one of a crime falsely, and/or that police would not bother to arrest one were they not entirely sure of his or her involvement in an offense. Yet there certainly may be cases where people might have ulterior motives in accusing others of crimes, or situations where police feel pressurre to take action, and thus may make a rush to judgment. 

Counterfeit goods lead to economic loss

Have you ever complimented someone on an item of clothing, watch or tech toy and received in reply a story about how much money the owner saved when he or she bought it? Getting a good deal on a pricy item is something every California consumer seeks, and something they want to tell others about—even if the item is a knock-off. A look at the other side of the story, however, reveals how much money that item really costs in terms of economic impact.

What is wire fraud?

Before the days of the internet and its related components, many schemes occurred through the use of the postal system. The act of using letters with the purpose of falsely acquiring the personal information or money of others is mail fraud. For example, someone may order something through a catalog and never receive the item or may fill out what looks like a legitimate government or bank form.

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