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April 2018 Archives

California's changing laws and how they affect shoplifting

A shoplifting charge may seem insignificant at first glance, yet when it comes to the bigger picture, such a crime can come with lasting effects. Even with the changes in California's shoplifting laws in recent years, those charged can deal with the repercussions for months and even years. The debate surrounding these changes appears to continue, but in the meantime, more recent reports show an increase in theft across the state. 

Well-meaning people can get drawn into embezzlement

You may have never intended to commit a crime, but a financial emergency or difficult situation convinced you to take from your employer “just this once.” It could be easy to become caught up in a cycle of taking and justifying, especially if you feel your employers have more money than they need. Many Californians who are discovered embezzling from their employers never meant to cause harm, but found themselves in a vicious cycle that became more difficult to escape from as time went on.

Which common tax myths can get me in trouble with the IRS?

It should come as no surprise to most Californians that there are a surprising number of myths surrounding the filing of taxes. Tax forms are complicated, and you may have been given false advice by well-meaning friends or associates when it comes to filing your own taxes. It is important to discern the truth before you leave something important out of your tax return or decide not to file at all, or you could face penalties from the Internal Revenue Service.

Accountant accused of bankruptcy fraud for 2010 case

California residents know that they are some of the most-taxed citizens in the nation making it important for them to understand and use the tax deductions and other tools available to them to avoid paying more than their fair share. While this is something people across the country do and is part and parcel of the system as it is created, there can sometimes be a fine line between what is a legitimate effort to reduce a tax burden and what may lead to criminal charges.

Why embezzlement is not only large corporate crime

When you hear the word "embezzlement," you may think only of million-dollar cases of large corporation white-collar crime. However, the truth is that embezzlement is a crime that encompasses a wide range of financial misdeeds in terms of business, and not only involves large corporations, but also touches small businesses.

Padding expenses is a type of fraud

For some who live or work in the Irvine area, a little padding of traveling expenses is not a big deal. It is one of those things that fall in the same gray area as embellishing donations or business overhead on your income tax returns. Everyone does it and nobody minds, right? The truth is, even these “small” things are considered fraud, but the real danger lies in this manner of thinking. Committing these little frauds and getting away with them is a type of conditioning; the success you experience makes it easier to commit bigger frauds.

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