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November 2016 Archives

Former CFO facing multiple wire fraud charges

Thanks to modern technology, we have more ways than ever to communicate with others. Where once there was only the phone, now we can reach out and touch others via fax and a host of platforms that employ internet connectivity. On the whole, this is a very positive development. But on the downside, you could face wire fraud charges if you use any of these platforms in the commission of an alleged fraudulent act.

Prop 64 and Trump's win send mixed signals to marijuana advocates

During the recent elections, California voters passed Proposition 64, which legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. So, the issue is settled, and now Californians are free to enjoy marijuana at their leisure, right? Well, not so fast. Other election results could have a profound effect on a citizen's right to both use and sell marijuana for personal, and even medical purposes.

What should I avoid doing when under oath?

There is a well-worn saying in legal circles that certainly bears repeating which goes, "A man who is his own attorney has a fool for a client." And this is not simply casting aspersions on those who lack law licenses; experienced attorneys know to have someone else act as their representative in court as well.

California laws regarding identity theft, part 1

Insofar as California law is concerned, there are two broad categories of identity theft. First, there is theft that involves a perpetrator illegally obtaining some form of another person's identification and using it to damage that person's reputation or for financial gain.

California man arrested in possession of counterfeit money

As you are likely aware, crimes can be prosecuted on both the state and federal level. As it works out, there are many crimes which are handled exclusively on the state level, and the same is true for certain crimes that fall under the sole jurisdiction of the federal government.

Insurance fraud charges hinge upon intent

If you've received word from an insurance company expressing the belief that a claim you filed was fraudulent, you need to take decisive action in addressing the situation. And while it may seem that filing an inaccurate or even false claim is a victimless crime, insurance companies take the matter very seriously. Insurance fraud, whether it involves property, auto, business or any other type of policy, is a crime and the state of California is well prepared to prosecute offenders.

Role of the DEA in drug cases

The United States government takes drug crimes seriously, and federal drug laws are strict. There are several organizations that work together on this issue. The most important controlling authority is the Drug Enforcement Administration. It was created to deal with the alarming increase in drug use and drug-related crime. It is part of the Department of Justice and is the most efficient anti-drug department in the world. If you have been charged with a drug-related crime, it is quite possible that the DEA was involved and are the ones pressing charges against you.

Dealing with contempt of court charges

Disrespecting or insulting the authority of the courts in any manner is regarded as contempt of court. Contempt charges are usually lodged against those who stand in the way of the court and try to restrict the justice system. The law gives judges power to decide who they want to hold in contempt of their court.

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