Tough Defense Against Burglary And Robbery Charges

A common misconception many people have is that burglary, robbery and theft all refer to the same crime.

While burglary often involves theft, one does not need to steal property to be convicted of burglary in California. Burglary refers to when an individual with the intent to commit a crime enters a residence or a building. While theft involves taking property that belongs to someone else, robbery involves the use of force or the threat of force to take property away from another person. It is important to keep in mind that the crime of robbery may be charged even if the victim has not been physically injured.

The Experience To Make The Right Calls

Whether you are accused of burglary, robbery or theft, it is vital that you have a skilled and experienced defense lawyer on your side. Over his four decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney in Orange County, attorney Ron Cordova has gained invaluable experience. He also has experience from his four years as an Orange County deputy district attorney. Attorney Ron’s clients can attest to the exceptional results he has achieved for them.

In trying more than 150 jury trials throughout his career, Ron has become intimately familiar with the California criminal law and procedure. Many of these jury trials involved individuals facing burglary or robbery charges. Ron knows what strategies and tactics will be effective in swaying a case in the favor of a client accused of such offenses.

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To prevent your future from being compromised by a burglary or robbery conviction, your priority must be to present a strong defense. To accomplish this, you will need skilled legal representation. To speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney in Irvine, call Ron Cordova at 949-769-2175 about your case or schedule a free consultation online.