Grand Theft Charge? Do You Have An Attorney?

California makes a distinction between petty theft and grand theft. If the value of the property stolen exceeds $950, a crime is classified as grand rather than petty theft.

The Penalties For Grand Theft In California

Whether you’ve been charged with theft, the penalties you face if convicted could be steep — particularly if you have been charged with grand theft or grand theft auto.

The consequences and your future will depend on the strength of your defense. It is vital that you choose the right criminal defense lawyer to defend you in court to protect you from time in jail or prison and other serious penalties.

Experience With Grand Theft Cases

Attorney Ron Cordova has served Orange County as both a prosecutor and defense attorney for over four decades. He has represented clients in state as well as federal courts and has tried more than 150 jury trials. Many of these trials involved individuals accused of grand theft. Not only is Ron familiar with the best defense tactics, but he also knows what strategies to expect from the prosecution based on his experience as a prosecutor. Every client who retains Ron Cordova in a criminal case can count on him to fight for the best possible outcome.

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Each time attorney Ron Cordova takes on a new case, he speaks to the client, witnesses and experts to ensure that he learns every detail of the case. If you’ve been charged with grand theft, contact a skilled and experienced attorney to achieve the best possible outcome. Call Ron Cordova in Irvine at 949-769-2175 or request a free consultation online.