Experienced Attorneys Fighting Credit Card Theft Charges

Credit card theft is a type of identity theft where an individual takes the credit card information of another person without authorization and remove funds from the account or makes purchases.

In California, the penalties for conviction of credit card theft depend on the amount of the alleged loss. Individuals charged with petty theft face six months in jail and a fine. Those facing grand theft or forgery charges face more severe consequences, including the possibility of a prison sentence.

Avoid The Serious Penalties Of Credit Card Fraud Conviction

The strength of your defense will determine whether you are convicted as well as the penalties you will face. It is vital that you have a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer on your side to present a strong defense.

Attorney Ron Cordova has more than 40 years of legal experience. As a nationally recognized criminal defense lawyer who has represented clients in California state and federal courts, Ron has tried more than 150 jury trials throughout his lengthy career. Some of the jury trials involved clients accused of credit card theft. Not only has Ron served on the defense side, but he has also served as a prosecutor. He thus knows the best strategies to strengthen the defense case and what tactics to expect from the prosecution. Ron’s extensive experience makes him the best choice for anyone accused of credit card theft.

To Present A Strong Defense, Contact Ron Cordova, Attorney-At-Law

You need to present a strong defense if you have been charged with credit card theft. To have the strongest defense possible, you need the help of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney. Call Ron Cordova in Irvine at 949-769-2175 to speak to him about your case or to schedule a free consultation by using our online form.