Fight Shoplifting Charges With An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Shoplifting is the stealing of merchandise from a place of business or store. Shoplifting is a form of theft. In California, shoplifting is usually charged as petty theft.

Charged With Petty Theft In California?

A common misconception is that one must actually leave a store with the stolen merchandise to be charged. Attempting to leave the store or attempting to avoid paying the full price for the merchandise is also considered shoplifting. If you have been charged with petty theft, it is important that you retain an experienced attorney to represent you.

Attorney Ron Cordova has a substantial amount of experience with shoplifting cases. Ron has served as a prosecutor as well as a criminal defense attorney in Orange County, California, for more than four decades. Ron knows the criminal justice system inside out. He employs that knowledge to achieve the best outcome for clients accused of shoplifting or other forms of theft. Ron takes each shoplifting case seriously and understands that the consequences of a shoplifting conviction can be significant.

With more than 40 years of experience, Ron Cordova has tried more than 150 jury trials in state and federal courts. Whether the criminal charges you face are severe or relatively minor, you can depend on Ron to use his experience and knowledge to help tip the case in your favor.

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Experience, knowledge and preparation are essential for a strong defense. Ron Cordova will learn the details of your case, so that he can provide the best defense possible. If you would like to talk to Ron about your case, call his Irvine office at 949-769-2175 or complete an online form to request a free consultation.