Man faces drug charges, extradition to California

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A South Carolina businessman faces extradition to Butte County, California, on drug charges including cultivation and possession of marijuana and possession of an assault weapon. The suspect was arrested and detained at the Moss Justice Center while he awaited a hearing on extradition. The suspect’s attorney declined to waive extradition proceedings and asked that his client be released on bond.

Police in Butte County intercepted 92 pounds of marijuana that had been mailed to the suspect’s South Carolina address, and further investigation revealed that six prior shipments of the same size had been sent to the address in the past. Upon executing a search warrant for his home, officials found a small quantity of marijuana.

The suspect’s bond was denied, but the magistrate judge who heard the case ruled that the suspect could remain in South Carolina for up to three weeks while waiting for a hearing on extradition. A judge will, at that time, decide if the suspect is to be sent back to Butte County to stand trial.

When a suspect is accused of trafficking or other crimes that may cross state lines, a criminal defense attorney can work to ensure that the defendant is tried in the court that is most likely to give him or her a fair hearing. Sometimes, the publicity surrounding a criminal charge makes it impossible for a suspect to receive a fair trial in a certain geographical location. There may also be questions about the integrity of the law enforcement in a particular area. Criminal defense attorneys protect these rights for their clients and argue for or against extradition and change of venue based on these factors.

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