Detectives arrest two for drugs and guns

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A search warrant served at a residence in Delano yielded five pounds of methamphetamine as well as a loaded gun and led to the arrest of two men. The drug charges they face stem from a search based on information that one of the residents of the home on Girard Street as well as several other individuals were involved in drug trafficking.

Police found the drugs and a .357 handgun upon searching the house. They arrested a 27-year-old Paramount resident at the home as well as a 37-year-old Los Angeles man on suspicion of conspiracy as well as other drug-related crimes.

Authorities are allowed to use information received as “tips” to validate search warrants in some cases. Many of these tips come in from confidential informants who have information about drug producers or distributors. However, judges must always weigh the right of the suspect to avoid unreasonable search and seizure against the public good and safety when issuing such warrants. If police have a reason to believe that the tip was inaccurate or perhaps meant to frame an individual, they may use other methods of investigation. Likewise, judges are not required to grant search warrants simply because someone claims there are drugs in a home. There should be credible evidence leading to probable cause before a search warrant is issued.

When someone has been the victim of an illegal search or seizure, he or she may be able to have criminal charges dismissed. A criminal defense attorney can explain the law regarding illegal searches and represent suspects who have been charged with crimes as a result of such searches.

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