Two arrested after bicycle stops

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Two California men were arrested on drug charges in separate incidents on Oct. 20 in Sacramento. Both men were stopped by police officers while riding bicycles. The first arrest happened at approximately 11:17 pm near the intersection of Lissetta and 12th Avenues. A 35-year-old man was stopped on his bicycle by police and searched. During the search, police reportedly found meth and rock cocaine. The man was arrested and faces charges for possession of drugs for sale.

The second arrest happened approximately two hours later in the early morning hours of 1:17 am near the intersection of Lemon Hill Avenue and 71st Street. Similar to the first incident, a 31-year-old man was stopped while riding his bike. During a search, police reportedly found a knife and two pounds of marijuana. Police also learned that the man was on parole, which he allegedly violated by carrying the knife and the drugs. The man was taken to Sacramento County Jail where police claim they also found meth hidden on his body.

If convicted of the various drug charges, both men could face serious penalties, including fines, probation and time in jail. Drug charges are always serious, but penalties can be more severe if they are accompanied by parole violations and weapons charges. While the charges are serious, the two accused men do have the right to present a defense in an effort to avoid conviction.

An attorney with experience handling drug crime defense cases may help accused individuals present their case in court. The attorney could analyze the incident and determine whether the charges are appropriate for the alleged crime. The attorney could also introduce supporting evidence and question witnesses. If an acquittal seems unlikely, the attorney may recommend that the accused negotiate a plea deal to face reduced charges and potential sentences.

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