What are your defense options when faced with criminal charges?

Criminal charges can have a devastating effect on your personal and professional life and even on your future. Whether the charges relate to drug crimes, violence, theft or even something else, the mark on your record can be highly detrimental. We discussed in a previous article the potential damage to reputation that may be suffered by an Air Force veteran accused of fraud and identity theft.

So what can you do if you are faced with such charges? The evidence may be stacked against you, but that does not mean that your cause is lost. There are a number of strategies that may be employed to aid you as you work to preserve your good name and your future. These options are explained in more thorough detail in this article. However, some of the steps you might take include the following:

  • Denial – you may choose to completely deny involvement in the crime. You might even have an alibi to prove that you could not have participated.
  • Confession – you completely admit to the crime. This may seem like an odd choice, but in certain cases this may enable you to secure a lesser sentence than dragging out the case.
  • Admission and explanation – this usually involves admitting to the action in part, but providing a legal justification for your actions.

Another important factor in criminal defense is often your attorney. He or she can explain the charges against you and help you decide how best to face them. Being honest with your attorney can greatly help you as he or she may be able to see ways in which your side of the story conflicts with the charges against you.

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