California men cleared of shooting charges

Every day in California, numerous crimes are committed throughout the state. As a result, police officers are constantly working to protect communities within the state and root out the source of the problems. Of course, in a bid to prevent harm coming to innocent people, officers will often carry out extensive investigations, occasionally going as far as arresting people who have not committed a crime, until they have established the truth. This can be a difficult thing to accept, but ultimately it is often better to be safe than sorry.

Such was the case in Rocklin when two men were arrested and charged on suspicion of firing at an officer from their box truck. The driver of a big rig concurred that he believed shots had been fired. The vehicle of the suspects was intercepted and impounded after officers searched it and the surrounding area for any signs of a weapon.

According to reports, the suspects were entirely cooperative and the shooting sound was eventually determined to have been the box truck’s engine backfiring multiple times. Even so, according to reports, the recording of the sound picked up by the police patrol car demonstrates that the noise did sound like gunfire. As such, the reaction of the big rig driver and officer is thought to have been understandable.

If you are faced with criminal charges, it can be a distressing experience. However, all is not lost, You are considered innocent unless you can be proven guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. An attorney may be able to help you maintain that doubt and work toward clearing your name and protecting your future.

Source: The Press Tribune, “Shooting suspects detained in Rocklin cleared of all charges,” Scott Thomas Anderson, Jan. 28, 2015

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