Money laundering can be a white collar crime

For businesses in California, one of the biggest worries is that someone within the organization may be corrupt and might attempt to use the company’s assets or income to their advantage. As a result, anyone in a position of power within such an organization is often under scrutiny for the slightest mistake. If you work in such a position, you may find that any errors you make lead to extensive investigations and may even result in you being accused of abusing your power.

The problem is that when errors are made involving company assets, they can often appear to be deliberate attempts at fraud, embezzlement or similar offenses. As such, it is vital to be very careful when you are given responsibilities involving such assets. If you are worried that you may have made a mistake or that you could be implicated in a crime, you may benefit from legal advice.

As this article on white collar crimes explains, even the process of filtering money through transactions can be deemed illegal activity if the money involved has been illegally obtained at some point in the process. This is because money laundering schemes often involve the movement of such money through a number of channels in order to hide the fact that it has been acquired illegitimately.

It is a worrying thought that you could be charged with such a serious offense over a simple error. Fortunately, you are considered innocent under law unless you can be proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. An attorney may be able to offer advice on your situation and support you in forming your defense.

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