Dealing with domestic physical abuse

Understanding domestic violence is challenging for most people. In some cases, a person may not realize that they are a victim of domestic abuse. Domestic violence is a pattern of abuse in a marriage or any other intimate relationship. It is further categorized into physical, sexual, emotional and economic abuse.

Physical abuse is the intentional act of hurting someone and causing injury or trauma. Physical abuse by intimate partners is one the most common types of domestic abuse. Victims of domestic physical abuse may contact 911 and ask for assistance. There are several Federal laws in place to protect victims of domestic violence. All abuse related crimes are considered felonies. Federal laws protect women against any sort of physical abuse and give them special rights. There have also been cases of domestic abuse against men, and laws have been made to safeguard their rights as well. Several states have their own specific domestic violence laws.

The court may take several steps to protect the victim from an abusive partner. Emergency protection orders are issued by the court, which provides temporary protection in minor cases. If the abuse is extreme, the victim can file for protection and restraining orders. The court will make its decision after collecting all the evidence and listening to both parties.

If you have been accused of physical abuse against your spouse, it is advisable to hire an experienced family attorney. The attorney will listen to your side of the story and devise a defense strategy for you.

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