Warning signs of embezzlement

Embezzlement may be defined as the conversion of assets by a person who manages the finances of an organization. It is usually done by someone who is trusted by the employer and can easily move finances around without anyone becoming suspicious. Embezzlement is considered a type of theft. Employers usually try to stay vigilant and look for indicators of embezzlement. Several scenarios may be considered embezzlement.

If you have claimed money for overtime work that you did not do, it may be considered embezzlement. This is called employee theft and you can be prosecuted for such actions. Mishandling company money is also an example of embezzlement. For example, if you work in maintenance and get paid by the customer directly, it is easy for you to move the money. This does not show a paper trail and makes it difficult to track for law enforcement.

If charged with embezzlement, there are several strategies you should consider. In some cases, the defendant accepts all charges and returns the embezzled amount in exchange for a less severe sentence. Simply returning the embezzled assets does not release the defendant of liability. Entrapment is a popular defense strategy in embezzlement cases. The defendant may submit a claim that they were forced to commit the crime by a senior staff member or owner.

If you have been accused of embezzlement, it is important to contact an experienced defense attorney. The attorney can go through your case and devise a plan to defend you according to your situation.


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