Involuntary manslaughter charges

Murder and homicide charges are divided into different categories by the United States law. The charges depend on the intention and severity of the crime committed. Involuntary manslaughter is a charge which is used if a person kills someone without intent. The murder could also be committed while committing another illegal act. The important thing is that you had no intention of physically harming the victim. Sometimes manslaughter can occur even if you were taking part in legal activities.

Involuntary manslaughter has many differences with first or second degree murder. Although both result in the killing of another person, involuntary manslaughter does not involve ill intentions by the defendant. However if the unintentional murder took place while the defendant was performing some other illegal act, the judge could change the charge to first or second degree murder. The most common manslaughter incidents are that drunk driving or unintentional killing of a pedestrian.

The prosecution tries its best to make sure you are proven guilty of manslaughter. But there are certain elements that must be proven to prove you guilty. The act must have been committed knowing that it is dangerous and could lead to someone getting hurt. Furthermore, even if a legal activity was conducted in a reckless or irresponsible manner, the prosecution can use it to prove involuntary manslaughter.

Being charged with involuntary manslaughter can be complicated. If you have been charged, consider hiring an experienced defense attorney. The attorney will go through your case and devise a strong strategy to defend you against the charges.

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