Be prepared when going to a protest

One of the best aspects of living in the United States is that our constitution guarantees us all freedom of speech. And when issues arise that cause us concern, we are able to freely assemble and express ourselves. But if you should decide to be part of a protest, you should educate yourself on how to avoid being arrested.

First, if you are planning to go the protest on your own, do some research about the area in which the event is scheduled to take place. Find out what specific areas have been designated for the public to use for the purpose of the protest.

Generally, as long as you remain on public property, you will be free to express yourself. However, if you should venture onto private property by going into a privately owned building or place of business, you could be subject to arrest for trespassing

While you are at a protest, it is best to avoid being confrontational with police officers. To this end, do not carry heavy or otherwise threatening objects. Also, don’t cover your face or try to shield your physical appearance.

You should do your best to keep calm during any interactions you have with the police. If during an encounter you believe the officer has designs to arrest you, simply ask if this is the case. If the officer says no, then move along. If the answer is yes, then comply peacefully. At this point, you want to avoid being injured or having further charges tacked on to your arrest.

We are living in increasingly contentious times and you have every right to voice your opinion by being part of a protest. But such situations can sometimes become heated and even chaotic. And if you should be rounded up during a protest then you may want to seek the aid of an experienced attorney. This is especially true if your charges are serious in nature. And if you believe your rights were violated during the arrest, the attorney could work on your behalf to have the charges dismissed.

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