Department of Justice cracks down on drug offenders

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Law enforcement across the country is cracking down hard on many areas of crime, leaning hard on many individuals who are charged with a variety of crimes. A recent action by the Department of Justice (DOJ) left 55 individuals from California facing a litany of charges, including drug and gun-related crimes, as well as thefts and assaults. The move focused on suspected gang members and aimed to take out many players in a group the DOJ suspects of trafficking large quantities of hard and soft drugs.

Much of the momentum for raids like these has been supplied by the current political climate and directives from the Trump administration for law enforcement to be more aggressive in seeking out individuals who may be immigrants with criminal backgrounds. While there is much debate on all sides of this issue, the reality of the matter is that the new crackdowns may be affecting many more people than only those they theoretically intended to target.

Even if someone is not a gang member or do not have a criminal background, being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time may now carry much more danger of harsh penalties, including jail time or deportation. Drug offenses especially may see an increase in harsh penalties for non-violent crimes. While the country as a whole seems to be relaxing its views on marijuana, the current trajectory of law enforcement is toward harsher, not more lenient, sentencing.

If you have been charged with a drug crime, it is crucial for you to get the best representation that you can. An experienced attorney can help ensure that your case is heard fairly and that your rights remain protected in these turbulent times.

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