Is wire fraud a serious crime?

When California residents like you have been accused of wire fraud, there are many potential penalties you might face if convicted. Ron Cordova, attorney at law, aims to help you understand your wire fraud charges and the severe impact a conviction may have on you.

Wire fraud is actually a very broad category, similar to mail fraud. It can encompass a number of fraudulent activities and a wide array of electronic devices. Wire fraud can involve everything from cellphones to faxes and more. You can even be charged with wire fraud simply for talking about fraud over the phone.

Wire fraud is also typically added on to other charges, resulting in even heftier fines, jail sentences, or penalties. These additional fraud charges usually involve:

  • Banks
  • Mortgages
  • Computers
  • Security
  • Credit cards or checks

Embezzlement and money laundering can also be coupled with wire fraud charges. Additionally, identity forgery or theft that involves electronic communication may be considered wire fraud. When multiple charges are made at once, you can quickly find the odds stacking against you and the potential penalties rising to unforeseen levels.

When dealing with wire fraud charges, it’s important to realize that wire fraud on its own may not seem like a steep offense. However, it’s usually just one part of a set of charges that can carry heavy consequences. Because of this, it may benefit you to learn as much about wire fraud charges as possible. You can do so by clicking the link and visiting our web page dedicated to the issue, where we provide facts and information that can help you truly understand your position.

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