Participating in cybercrime can destroy your business

If you operate a successful company that is currently experiencing the strain of competition in California, it may be tempting to participate in illegal behavior to profit and see a better return on your investments. However, deceiving behavior of any kind is often punishable by law and can have debilitating consequences for your company. At Ron Cordova Attorney at Law, we are committed to providing fair defense for alleged criminals of white-collar crime. 

Cybercrime is when you use the internet in a way that is deceitful and involves behaviors like hacking that ultimately hurt users and compromise their information. According to Forbes Magazine, cybercrime can be incredibly damaging to your company and is estimated to cost a jaw-dropping $6 trillion through 2021. Some of the adverse side effects that your business may suffer include the following:

  • Compromised data: If you are participating in cybercrime, it is highly likely that sensitive data may be compromised that may ultimately expose your company and your customers. In some cases, this information is lost for good.
  • Damaged investing opportunities: Investors will not want to look for shareholder opportunities in your company if you have been involved in cybercrimes. A lack in interest may make it difficult for you to ever be considered for an investment partnership in the future. 
  • Tarnished reputation: Consumers will be turned away from your company if accusations of cybercrimes tarnish your image and brand. Should you work relentlessly to rebuild your reputation, this process will take considerable time and effort to recover. 

Understanding the consequences of participating in cybercrimes may encourage you to avoid meddling in illegal activity that has such serious repercussions. For more information, if you have been accused of a white-collar crime, visit our web page. 


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