What to expect as the subject of an IRS audit

On Behalf of | May 1, 2019 | Firm News, Tax Evasion

As a California resident who has recently learned that the Internal Revenue Service plans to take a closer look at your tax filings, you may be feeling stress, anxiety and any number of other emotions. Ron Cordova, Attorney-At-Law, understands how troubling it can be to learn that you are the subject of an IRS audit, and he has helped many clients facing similar situations navigate this and other complicated tax issues.

According to the Motley Fool, there are several different types of audits. While most people never find themselves involved in any of them, some simply have bad luck, while others, yet, attract the IRS’s attention because they fail to report income, underreport income or otherwise make moves that raise a red flag. So, just what can you expect when you find out that the IRS does, in fact, plan to audit you?

Most people who the IRS audits will undergo an audit by mail. Typically, this means that the IRS will ask you to gather certain documentation to back up the things you reported when you filed your taxes and send it to the organization. If you can produce all requested information during your mail audit, you may find that the matter resolves itself.

In other situations, though, you may need to undergo either an office audit or a field audit. In an office audit, you will typically need to appear before an IRS representative who will ask additional questions or request additional information about something you did or did not report. You may need to provide additional documentation during your in-person audit. In rare cases, you may have to undergo a field audit, which means that an IRS representative will come to your home or place of employment to conduct a more thorough investigation into the matter at hand. You can find out more about tax issues on our webpage.

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