Security boss arrested and accused of passing counterfeit money

You wake up one sunny California morning, eat your breakfast and go to work. While there, you hand over a pair of $100 bills to your co-worker to be added to your employee debit card. But your co-worker notices something isn’t right with the bills; the ink seems off-color and the image of Benjamin Franklin seems blurry.

She immediately calls security, who then contacts the proper authorities. The Secret Service agent standing in front of you confirms your co-worker’s suspicion; the bills are counterfeit.

Before you know it, you’re whisked away by the authorities, having just been arrested of creating the bills yourself.

For a 56-year-old Bloomingdale’s security boss, this story is all too real now after her incident earlier last month. Arrested for charges of petit larceny and forgery, she was later released without bail.

According to reports, she has worked for Bloomingdale’s for the past 17 years and was responsible for teaching employees how to detect counterfeit money. She insists that the allegations are a mistake and that she did nothing wrong. Her lawyer has added that she has no prior criminal record. “The attorney general and I are discussing a non-felony, non-jail disposition,” he said. Bloomingdale’s is declining to comment on the incident.

Cases like this can be terrifying for the accused because, without proper legal representation, there could be heavy penalties such as fines or prison sentences. Hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney could help you avoid convictions and help protect your rights. After all, everyone is innocent until proven guilty.


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