Traffic stop leads to arrest for stolen electronics

A traffic stop in Fountain Valley for speeding led to the arrest of three men on theft charges. Early in the morning, a policeman saw the men leaving a Fullerton business complex in a car. No businesses in the complex were open at that time, and there had been recent burglaries in the area.

Police say the car left the complex at an unsafe speed without any lights on, causing the officer to stop the car. The officer then saw computer equipment and a large television inside the vehicle. After investigating the business complex, police found a broken window and property missing from a small office.

The three men were arrested on possession of stolen property, suspicion of commercial burglary, and conspiracy to commit a crime. The burglary charges these men face carry significant penalties. Investigations within the theft case could later lead to charges of criminal trespassing and other property crimes as well. If found guilty, any prior convictions the men have could also be taken into consideration when determining sentencing.

In cases such as this, criminal defense attorneys can help argue for those accused of crimes to potentially reduce charges or have charges dropped. An attorney can review a case to determine if there were any unlawful searches or seizures by the police or if the policeman truly had probable cause to stop the car in the first place. If there is overwhelming evidence against those charged, an attorney can also help negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors, which can lead to a lighter sentence.

Source: Fountain Valley Patch, “Three Men Allegedly Found With Stolen Electronics in Car,” John Crandall, Sept. 10, 2012

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