Cell phone solves Chula Vista robbery case

After a home invasion in which robbery suspects threatened a man with a gun and fired the weapons into a bedroom where his wife was sleeping, police traced the suspects through a cell phone that was stolen along with other items from the home. The robbery occurred about 1:30 in the morning with the homeowner, his wife and their small child in the residence.

Police said the resident was approached by two suspects as he left his garage. One of the perpetrators pointed the gun at him and told him to lay on the ground. The two ransacked the man’s garage and allegedly fired a shot through the wall that entered the bedroom where the suspect’s wife lay sleeping. The suspects fled with several items, including the man’s cell phone.

Officers were able to track the phone to a vehicle on State Route 54 where they found some of the stolen property and a gun along with two 20-year-olds. Data on the phone led to a third 24-year-old suspect in another vehicle parked in front of a residence on Graves Street. After searching the residence, the police located a fourth suspect and more of the victim’s property. All four suspects were arrested on suspicion of robbery and conspiracy charges.

Suspects who have been involved in a conspiracy to commit an armed robbery may or may not actually be a part of the plan to rob a victim, but will still most likely be subject to the same criminal liability. Individuals who are charged with conspiracy should consult a criminal law attorney who can explain the various options available for defending the individual on these charges.

Source: CBS 8, “4 suspects arrested in Chula Vista home invasion robbery,” Shannon Handy, Dec. 16, 2012

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