Man arrested at alleged drug house could face additional charges

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While four people were arrested in relation to drug charges in Lancaster, one of the accused may be in even more trouble after he allegedly identified himself to officers using his brother’s name rather than his own. The man could face a charge of providing false information to officers in addition to drug-related charges and theft charges.

The 32-year-old man, who was identified by his fingerprints, was arrested along with two other men and one woman when deputies conducted a raid on a house suspected of harboring drug activity. Inside the residence, officers claim to have seized methamphetamine and stolen items including electronics. Authorities also allege that they uncovered evidence of check fraud along with identity theft. All four individuals were booked on charges of fraud, drug crimes and theft.

It is unclear what the man’s reason was for giving a false name. It may be that the arresting officer simply misunderstood what the man was saying. His brother’s name is very close to his own in spelling and pronunciation.

A criminal defense attorney examines the situation in cases such as this and determines if it is better for the accused to fight the charges in court or to simply plead guilty in exchange for a lesser sentence. When individuals plead guilty to some charges, prosecutors may be willing to drop other less significant charges. In some cases, however, prosecutors are unwilling to cooperate. It becomes even more important in those instances that the accused receive legal advice from an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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