Man could lose hand after alleged theft

A California man who was supposedly attempting to take wiring from government property on Oct. 19 could lose his hand after he was seriously shocked. Earlier in the week, another person also suffered a bad shock during an alleged theft. The juvenile correction facility where the incident occurred is now closed. The subject, who is in his 50s, should survive but was hospitalized after he burned both hands.

Local authorities responded to the alleged crime scene where they located the subject at the back of the facility. It appeared that he had taken panels off a vault, and they observed cut wires and tools in the area. The estimated damage to the property was not clear. However, the man will likely be charged with burglary after he is released from the hospital. California Highway Patrol handles any incidents at state facilities, so the local police gave them control of the investigation.

In an unrelated incident, another man was burned and taken to a medical facility where he was listed in critical condition when he was shocked with 12,000 volts after allegedly attempting to steal wiring from an electrical plant in Pico Rivera. The 51-year-old man was found after he was injured early on Oct. 13, resulting in an estimated $45,000 in damage at the facility. Power was temporarily shut off for more than 20,000 electrical clients in the region.

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Source: Whittier Daily News, “Badly burned Whittier wire-theft suspect may lose hand“, Brian Day, October 19, 2013

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