California mayor’s husband pleads not guilty to drug charges

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The husband of the Montebello mayor has pleaded not guilty to several drug charges stemming from alleged sales of methamphetamine. Some of the drug crime activities were said to have taken place near a middle school, although the man’s attorney denies these claims.

The 44-year-old man pled not guilty to six different felony counts related to possession, transportation and sale of methamphetamine. Reports say that he also sold the drug to an undercover police officer near Montebello Intermediate School. He was arrested as he left his home in October and has posted $60,000 in bail. The police claim that they captured both audio and video of the alleged sales.

The mayor is said to be supportive of her husband and hopes he will be found not guilty. She was in court for his pleas. If convicted, the man could be sentenced to up to eleven years in state prison. He has retained the services of a defense attorney who asserted that the allegations of the man selling drugs around the school were not credible. The date of a preliminary hearing that determines if there is enough evidence for the man to stand trial will be set after he appears before the court again on Jan. 15.

When a person is accused of drug crimes, that person may benefit from consultation with an attorney with experience defending criminal cases related to drug charges. Such an attorney may be able to help individuals who are accused of drug crimes create a defense strategy that questions the evidence supporting the charges. If a conviction appears to be imminent, the attorney may negotiate a plea agreement that spares an individual from the stress of trial while mitigating sentencing.

Source: CBS LA, “Montebello Mayor’s Husband Pleads Not Guilty To Drug Charges“, November 25, 2013

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