Three men accused of smuggling drugs into California jail

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On December 22, police with the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Department took three men into custody after alleging that they had attempted to sneak drugs and paraphernalia into a jail. The authorities said that the men had tried to smuggle the undisclosed materials into Castaic’s Pitchess Detention Center, but reports failed to specify the exact nature of these illicit items.

Among the arrested were a 32-year-old landscaper and a 30-year-old dispatcher who were both from Arleta. A 23-year-old factory employee from the Compton area was also targeted by police. It is unknown why law enforcement officials believed the men were smuggling the alleged drugs, and reports did not specify what evidence the authorities used to justify leveling the felony drug charges at the three.

Reports also say that a number of other individuals have been charged with similar crimes during 2013. The accused included a 55-year-old civilian laundry contractor who worked at a Pitchess Detention Center facility for more than a decade yet gave up his job after being charged and detained by authorities. Another individual, a 61-year-old attorney from Los Angeles, was charged with a pair of conspiracy counts and multiple felonies for transporting controlled substances and bringing them into jail. Reports failed to note whether any of these allegations actually resulted in convictions.

Drug charges can make it difficult or even impossible for the accused to hold down jobs, even if they don’t result in convictions. Those who work closely with law enforcement, within the judicial system or in the public eye, for instance, may find that their new reputations prevent them from following their chosen career paths. Attorneys may be able to assist these individuals by arguing against the charges or pointing out inconsistencies in police reports and court testimonies.

Source: The Santa Clarita Valley Signal , “3 arrested in alleged jail drug-smuggling case“, Jim Holt , December 23, 2013

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