California woman pleads guilty to robbery, awaits sentencing

Making decisions is something that people do on a daily basis. In some cases, those decisions are appropriate and don’t cause you any problems. In other cases, those decisions aren’t the right ones to make, and they lead to trouble. For one woman, participating in a bank robbery that failed was a bad decision that she will now have to face the consequences for.

The failed robbery occurred on June 11, 2013, when the woman attempted to hold up a Wells Fargo near La Jolla Village Drive with two accomplices. During the botched robbery, one man who was with the woman demanded money from a teller and switched on an electric stun gun. The security guard demanded that the woman and man lie down on the ground. The man ran toward the guard and was shot twice.

While the man successfully made it to the getaway car, which was driven by the third accomplice, the woman didn’t. Instead, the guard hit her on the head before tackling her. He took her into custody.

The robbery charge isn’t the only thing the woman is facing charges for. She admitted to having razor blades while in custody. The 43-year-old woman pleaded guilty and now faces 33 years to life in custody.

This woman made a decision to participate in an activity that she might regret now. Hopefully, when she was first charged, she made the effort to understand what she was being charged with and the consequences possible. If she didn’t understand the charges or how to plead, she likely had the option to speak to a San Diego criminal defense attorney for advice.

Source: AM 760 KFMB, “Sentencing: Woman involved in failed bank robbery” No author given, Feb. 07, 2014

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