California airport workers facing drug charges

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Smuggling drugs in the United States is an illegal activity that continues to be investigated by federal officials. Individuals working in occupations that can easily transport illegal drugs may start to be investigated more often, including people who work at airports in California. 

A recent drug smuggling case in San Diego is an example of how federal officials are trying to crack down on the distribution of illegal drugs in the country. Four workers at the Lindbergh Field airport have been charged with drug crimes after officials say they were smuggling methamphetamine and cocaine on planes to distribute throughout the U.S. An additional seven people were also charged with drug crimes for their involvement as drug couriers in the illegal operation. 

The federal indictment says the four workers would receive backpacks filled with the illegal drugs and use their security clearance to put the backpacks on planes. The couriers who delivered the backpacks would then get the backpacks after the plane landed at the new destination. 

The charges the workers are facing are very serious. The four employees have been charged with possessing cocaine and methamphetamine with the intent to distribute and conspiracy to possess illegal substances with the intent to distribute. Combined, these charges could result in 30 years in prison if they are convicted of both charges and receive the maximum punishment. 

Like this case shows, drug charges can result in serious punishments if they are convicted. That is why it is important to contact a criminal defense attorney if you are being investigated for any drug crimes to understand the possible charges you may face. Federal officials are taking drug smuggling cases very seriously as they try to stop the distribution of illegal drugs in the U.S. so we can expect to see more cases like this one in the future. 

Source: The Los Angeles Times, “Four San Diego baggage handlers indicted on drug charges,” Tony Perry, March 17, 2014

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