California teen facing felony charges for bomb threats

A California teenager is facing serious criminal charges for making bomb threats to schools in another state. The teen has been charged with sex felony counts after he was accused of calling in threats to public schools in Montana. 

The teen is facing felony charges for his role in allegedly calling in multiple bomb threats to the schools. He has been charged with three counts of making terroristic threats and three counts of reporting a false bomb. 

The teen has been charged in California as a delinquent due to his age even though the alleged crime occurred in Montana. California has the first opportunity to charge the teen with the felony crimes, but if he is guilt or innocence is undetermined for some reason, Montana could try to extradite the teen so he could be charged in their state. 

The teen could face serious penalties if he is convicted of the felony charges in California. Calling in bomb threats and making other terroristic threats are taken very seriously, even if there are no actual bombs or other criminal threats against the school. Law enforcement take threats against schools very seriously and like this case shows, individuals who make these types of threats can face felony charges. 

Being convicted of several felony counts could have a serious impact on this teenager’s life. In addition to possibly being sentenced to a juvenile detention center, he may have to follow strict requirements after being released. Due to the serious charges this teen is facing, he should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss the charges he is facing and see what options are available to prove his innocence or reduce his sentence if he is convicted. 

Source: Beartooth NBC, “CA Teen Facing Six Felony Charges for Bomb Threats,” Jill Jagelski, April 3, 2014

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