California teenager held on credit card fraud suspicion

If you have ever been charged with a federal offense, you will know all too well the effect it can have on your life. Whether or not there is any basis to the allegations you face, the process of investigation and attempting to fight the charges can be draining at best. Unfortunately, federal sentencing guidelines can often be severe, so a good defense is critical.

In Northern California, a 19-year-old is currently facing investigations relating to the possession of stolen property and hefty credit card fraud. The teenager was arrested in Sonoma County where he was found driving a $240,000 sports car. The car had allegedly been rented via the fraudulent use of a credit card number. The number is also reported to have been used to rent a vacation home worth $12 million.

His passenger was also arrested and held on bail of $60,000. He is thought to have had outstanding fraud warrants. The driver of the car is said to have charged an estimated total of $40,000 to the fraudulently-used credit card. His bail has been set at $100,000. Both of the teens now face a battle to clear their names, or they may receive severe penalties under federal law.

Like any white collar crime, fraud is taken very seriously in California. If you face charges of this nature, you may benefit from the support of an attorney. Working quickly and carefully to prepare your defense can greatly increase your chances of clearing your name, or at least reaching a more favorable outcome to the trial. An attorney can advise you on how to plead and can help you understand the charges against you.

Source: KTLA5, “NorCal Teen Used Stolen Credit Card to Rent $240,000 Sports Car: Sheriff’s Dept.,” Tracy Bloom, June 9, 2014

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