Drugs sent from California lead to multiple arrests

Being arrested can be a distressing experience, especially if you haven’t done anything wrong. It is not always easy for officers to be certain of who is responsible for a crime and sometimes that means innocent people are taken into custody. At other times, an individual might come under suspicion because of previous misdemeanors, or their actions may be perceived to be more serious than they are. Being charged with a crime does not guarantee a conviction, however, so it is important to remain calm.

In a recent case, three young adults came under suspicion of being involved with shipments of Xanax from California. The three were arrested at a home in Nashville after a parcel, said to contain 5,000 of the depressant pills, was delivered to the residence. Although all three denied that the package belonged to them, one of them was allegedly witnessed opening it. Then again, who wouldn’t open a mysterious package that turned up at their home?

Furthermore, even if the parcel was connected with one of them, it does not automatically mean the other two had anything to do with it. Even so, the three have since been charged with possession for resale. If they are found guilty, it could have a severe effect on their young lives, resulting in unmanageable fines and perhaps even jail time. Another individual is also said to have been brought into custody in California for apparent involvement in the delivery of the drugs.

Clearly, it is all too easy to become implicated in serious crimes. Sometimes it’s simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. If you find yourself in this position, you might benefit greatly from the support of an attorney. With the right guidance, you can work toward ensuring the court hears your side of the story. This may even help you clear your name and avoid conviction altogether.

Source: WKRN-TV Nashville, “3 charged in illegal drug shipments from California to Nashville,” June 2, 2014

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