Recycling centers in California shut down on fraud suspicions

When companies become the subject of criminal investigations, many of their employees can become implicated in the charges against them. Unfortunately, this can mean that innocent individuals face charges for fraud despite being unaware of the criminal conduct of their employer. Fortunately, innocence is assumed until guilt is proven, so these individuals may still avoid conviction if they are not shown to have been involved in the crime.

In California, four recycling centers have been shut down in a voluntary move by their owner, following suspicions of recycling fraud. A statewide investigation led to search warrants being served for a number of centers. It was believed that the companies were involved in the redemption of beverage containers that were not eligible for California Redemption Value. This in turn meant that fraudulent claims were sent to the state.

In April 2014, a truck was intercepted carrying used beverage containers out of Arizona. The truck unloaded at Sequoia resources, where workers admitted that the material came from states that did not participate in a CRV program. The truck driver was arrested and faces charges relating to grand theft, conspiracy and recycling fraud. The workers further suggested that the man they were working for knew the operation was being monitored and had instructed drivers accordingly.

In large-scale cases like this, it can be difficult to determine who is truly at fault. If you find yourself falsely accused of a crime such as this, you may find the support of an attorney to be invaluable. Building a good defense that presents you in a favorable light can be highly beneficial. With the guidance of your attorney, you may be able to increase your chances of the court hearing your side of the story and working toward escaping the charges against you.

Source: 23ABC, “4 recycling centers shut down due to fraud investigation,” Mark Christian, June 25, 2014

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