Californian accused of federal drug crime

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Drug laws vary from state to state as do the penalties for possessing and trafficking controlled substances. However, whether you are in California or elsewhere in the United States, the penalties for drug crimes are often severe. Convictions can result in hefty fines and even prison sentences, not to mention the possible revocation of professional licenses.

One man from California may face particularly life-changing penalties after allegedly being found with a controlled substance in his car. The 29-year-old was stopped as he drove through Kansas and his vehicle was searched. During the procedure, a K-9 unit was deployed and a quantity of drugs is alleged to have been found in a spare tire within the vehicle.

The substance discovered is reported to have been 26 pounds of methamphetamine, a quantity that could result in serious charges. As it stands, if convicted, he could face fines of up to $10 million, along with a possible minimum sentence of 10 years which would have to be served in a federal prison.

It is a stark reminder of how serious drug charges can be and the importance of being extremely careful if you are involved with controlled substances. Even if you are unaware of their presence in your vehicle, you could get into trouble, as it can be difficult to prove that you did not know they were there.

An attorney may be able to help you if you are faced with such charges. He or she can evaluate or situation and might be able to assist you in ensuring that your side of the story is heard by the court.

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