Can federal crimes lead to capital punishment?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2015 | Federal Crimes, Firm News

As you may already know, being charged with a federal crime in California can have life-changing consequences. Depending on the nature of the crime and its perceived severity, you could face the loss of your professional licenses, hefty fines and lengthy prison sentences. Prior convictions can also exacerbate your final sentence.

Something not everyone realizes, however, is that there are certain crimes which carry the death penalty at the federal level. This means that even if you live in a state which does not use capital punishment, you could still face this sentence if convicted at a federal level. As such, it is vital not only to be aware of the laws of your home state but also of the federal laws that govern the country as a whole.

Furthermore, not all capital punishment sentences result from crimes involving murder. In fact, according to this article on federal convictions, there are 60 crimes which can carry the federal death penalty. Of those, three do not involve murder. These are treason, espionage and the trafficking of large amounts of drugs.

Capital punishment is a terrifying prospect for most people and highlights the necessity of a good defense. However, even if you have already been convicted, you might be able to appeal your sentence. An attorney can advise you on your options and may be able to help you decide on the most sensible course of action to take. With the right guidance you may be able to avoid conviction or at least negotiate a more lenient sentence.

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