What is a drug paraphernalia charge?

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Many residents of California are aware of the great lengths the authorities go to in order to limit drug crime within the state. In order to identify the people responsible for the manufacture and distribution of these controlled substances, it is often necessary for officers to conduct in-depth investigations. However, in the process of doing so, innocent people can often come under suspicion.

If you are found in possession of a controlled substance, there is a good chance that you may be charged with a drug-related offense. Depending on the quantity and the circumstances under which the drugs are discovered, this could even amount to a charge of drug production or intention to distribute. All of these offenses can result in serious penalties if you are convicted.

Even equipment relate to drug use can get you into trouble. This is referred to as drug paraphernalia, whether it is used for ingesting drugs or as part of a distribution operation. The problem with this is that is can even include everyday items that you may have in your home, such as kitchen scales. As this article on drug crimes explains, you can also be charged for exporting, importing or mailing drug paraphernalia as well as for selling it.

If you are facing charges for a drug-related offense, your next steps are important and you may benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can explain the potential outcome of your trial and may be able to assist you with your defense. With the right guidance you can ensure the court hears your side of the story and work toward clearing your name.

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