A single mistake could ruin your reputation

If you hold a position of power in California, you may already be aware of the risks and responsibilities that can go with that role. A single mistake can quickly become a very serious matter, causing significant issues within the organization you work for. To make things worse, it might be assumed that the error was deliberate, particularly if it appears to have benefited you in any way. As a result, you could find yourself faced with criminal charges and a very uncertain future.

Often, this can happen when money or other assets within a business are misplaced. It is all too easy to make a simple error on a tax return or allocate funds to the wrong pot. Unfortunately, if this is assumed to be deliberate, you may be accused of fraud, tax evasion or even money laundering, all of which can carry serious penalties.

Aside from the obvious implications of being charged with a serious criminal offense, the matter could also lead to you being suspended from your job while the investigation is underway. Ultimately, you could lose your job altogether and this in turn might impact your ability to be hired into similar positions in the future.

When you have been accused of a white collar crime, it can be difficult to know who to turn to or how to proceed. A good defense is critical, but forming one is not always easy. However, our page on white collar offenses could prove useful, as may the advice of an attorney. With the correct guidance and support, you can work toward preserving your good name and protecting both your career and your future.

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