What is securities fraud?

As many workers in California know, when you are in a position of great responsibility, you are also likely to come under a lot of scrutiny. Even a relatively minor mistake can have a significant effect on the business and could severely damage your reputation. This is more likely if the error appears to have benefited you in any way, as it could appear to have been deliberate. You may even find yourself facing criminal charges or be at risk of losing your job.

Many offenses involving business assets are considered white collar crimes. These crimes are usually financially motivated and can often involve some form of fraudulent activity. When someone within a company abuses their power within the organization for financial gain, this can have serious consequences and they are likely to be charged with a white collar offense.

As this article on white collar offenses explains in greater detail, one form of fraud that is often practiced between companies is securities fraud. If you are suspected of insider trading, for example, you could face serious penalties. Insider trading is only one variety of this form of fraud, but it is not uncommon. In general, it involves acting on confidential information about a company in order to financially benefit by trading on the information in question.

White collar crimes come in many forms, but the penalties are often severe and a conviction can permanently damage your reputation and your employment prospects. As such, a good defense is critical and an attorney could prove to be an invaluable ally. He or she can advise you about how to handle your case and may be able to support you through the trial, helping to ensure that your side of the story is heard by the court.

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