Federal white collar crime defendants face aggressive prosecution

Being charged with committing a white collar crime such as embezzlement, insurance fraud and money laundering can be an extremely daunting experience. This is especially true if the charges come as a result of a federal investigation.

When a federal law enforcement agency targets a suspect for investigation, it does so with the belief that the suspect is engaged in activities that are of an extremely serious nature. Agencies such as the FBI will work tirelessly compiling evidence in order to build as strong a case as possible against a defendant.

Federal prosecutors can be very aggressive when it comes to attempting to get convictions. What’s more, penalties for federal convictions are often more severe than penalties for similar crimes prosecuted on the state level. Moreover, as you are likely aware, the federal government has seemingly limitless resources it can put toward capturing and convicting those they believe are guilty of legal wrongdoing.

So does this mean if you are ever charged with having committed a federal offense that you have no hope of escaping a long prison sentence or steep fine? No, but fighting the charges can be an uphill climb. Fortunately, it is not a climb you have to make alone. A defense attorney could act as your guide and representative.

However, you should realize that when going up against the U.S. Government, you are best served with an attorney who has experience handling federal criminal cases. Federal laws have their own specific statutes, which an attorney must understand thoroughly in order to effectively represent a client.

Ron Cordova is an attorney who has experience helping individuals who have been accused of committing white collar federal crimes. If you have you been charged with such a crime or believe that you are being investigated, you may wish to contact Ron Cordova‘s office and set up a consultation.

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