Domestic violence charges could stem from a variety of acts

It is an unfortunate truth that relationships can sometimes become strained. Disagreements and arguments are perfectly normal between domestic partners. However, problems can arise if emotions escalate to a level where one or both partners exhibit behavior that could be construed by the law as being abusive. Yet, the line between an argument and abuse can sometimes get blurry.

This is why it is important to understand which behaviors could be classified as domestic violence. An act of domestic violence is present when the abuser and the abused have or have had an intimate relationship which could include marriage, cohabitation, dating or sharing parentage of a child.

According to domestic violence laws, the following acts are considered to be abuse:

  • Engaging in such behaviors as hitting, harassment, stalking or threatening someone or destroying their personal property
  • Threatening someone to the point that they have a reasonable fear that they or another are about to be harmed
  • Sexually assaulting someone
  • Physically harming or attempting to physically hurt someone in an intentional or reckless manner. Acts of physical abuse can include such things as hitting, hair pulling, kicking and inhibiting someone’s freedom of movement

As we can see, there are a wide variety of acts that could be classified a domestic violence. In the heat of an emotional conflict, it can be all too easy to engage in behavior that may be interpreted as domestic violence.

If you are ever charged with having committed an act of domestic violence, you will find that having strong legal representation is of great benefit. A criminal defense attorney could offer you advice and guidance on the steps you need to take to achieve your best possible outcome.

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